Paper #: 2417-45:

Embedding interactive external program objects within open-distributed hypermedia documents, pp.503-511


Michael D. Doyle, Eolas Technologies Inc., Alameda,CA, USA

Cheong S. Ang, Univ. of California/San Francisco,San Francisco, CA, USA

David C. Martin, Univ. of California/San Francisco,San Francisco, CA, USA.



The World-Wide-Web (WWW) has created a new paradigm for online information retrieval by providing immediate and ubiquitous access to digital information of any type from data repositories located throughout the world.  The web's development enables not only effective access for the generic user, but also more efficient and timely information exchange among scientists and researchers. We have extended the capabilities of the web to provide an improvement to the current paradigm for interacting with inline images, and to allow multidimensional image datasets to be embedded, together with realtime interactive viewers, within WWW documents. Those datasets can then be accessed via our modified version of NCSA's Mosaic WWW browser. This paper will provide a brief background on the World-Wide-Web, and overview of the extensions necessary to support these new data types and a description of an implementation of this approach in a WWW-compliant distributed visualization system.